Logistics & Warehousing

Customs clearance:

As a freight forwarding and Customs Broker organization, we provide cargo import/ export customs clearances services for the following industries:

– Medical equipment (medical supplies)

– Agricultural equipment (tractor parts)

– Computer equipment & computer parts, computer peripherals (hardware & software)

– Vehicles (automobiles, trucks, busses)

– Auto & truck parts

– Heavy Equipment & machinery (machinery spare parts)

– Generator sets (generator parts)

– Office equipment (photocopiers, copying machines, copiers, fax, facsimiles, sorters)

– Office supplies

– Chemicals

– Electrical materials

– Construction materials

– Grocery items (food items, frozen foods, food stuffs)

– Radar equipment (radar parts)

– Vesselsupplies

– Industrial equipment

– Perishablegoods (seafood, fish, plants, flowers)

– Laundry equipments & boilers (boiler parts)

– Aircraft parts (airplane parts, helicopter parts)

– Marine equipment (boat parts)

– Watercraft (jet skies, wave runners)

– Health & Beauty Aids (H.B.A., toiletries, cosmetics, shampoos, colognes, perfumes)

– General cargo (general commodities)

Warehousing Expertis:

– Probity pioneered flexible, multi-customer warehousing logistics solutions. We currently offer more than 15 million square feet of warehousing spaced strategically in  Europe and Asia to provide you with the optimal location and flexibility for your distribution needs.

– Reduce Fixed Costs and Improve Efficiency

Our variable cost solution will eliminate many of your fixed costs, while improving efficiency.

Probity can fulfill a wide range of warehousing needs including multi-temp and dry product support all the way to food and pharma-grade warehousing. Our team can help you determine an optimal location through modeling, obtain the real estate, and define the necessary systems and operational structure.

Probity Undertake packaging, bar-coding, re-packing and other value-added functions on behalf of the customers. Provide all storage and receive material! finished products from local and global suppliers, providing downstream as well as upstream distribution.

Project  Handling:

Probity has well understood the nature of goods, advantages of relevant parties including the preparation in terms of position and quantity of special containers (such as Flat rack

–  Open-top- Platform container) of shipping companies.

We provide services such as booking on general cargo ships and survey of routes, bridge system, transport support systems, specialized equipment system and advantages of relevant parties. We have leveraged such understanding to create a perfect and closed serie of services ensuring the secure transport of special goods packages of customers.

Transport services are provided for following cargoes:

Machines, materials, equipment, pre-fabricated structures and structures for industrial production lines

  • Construction and engineering machines
  • Project and engineering equipment
  • Structure of extra-long equipment exceeding the permissible range of dimensions
  • Transport of cargoes exceeding the normal width, length, height and weight
  • Extra-long and extra-heavy structures for industrial production lines