Haulage Freight

  • Probity Logistics Corp provides door-to-door ground freight transportation to almost all cities and provinces in Vietnam. Transit times and service availability varies by city, description of the freight, weight & volume.
  • Door-to-Door:Most shipments are handled Door-to-Door for business-to-business, but arrangements can be made for residential pick-up or delivery for an additional fee. For shipments traveling within the Vietnam, our service is Domestic Door-to-Door. Additionally, we can provide the Inland Freight Transportation service across the borders to Laos, Cambodia
  • Less-than Truck Load (LTL):

    For shipments less-than trailer loads (LTL), the freight is consolidated in our contracted vans and transported efficiently to the recipient’s (consignee’s) door. Probity Corp is one of the most comprehensive and competitive LTL Carrier – servicing the Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, china

  • Full Truck Load (FTL):

    For freight consignments that require a Full Truck Load (FTL), we dedicate  a van or truck  for  the  entire  freight  move, from  the shipper’s door or warehouse until the freight  is received by the recipient at final destination. Equipment hauling type will depend on the shipment’s freight type, weight and dimensions.Our Logistics Department  also  handles bulk  and  oversize shipments,  which normally move on flat-beds, flat-racks, low-boys, low-decks and other  specialized equipment.  These consignments may require special permits, depending on the size and weight of the freight

  • The following  is a list of some goods we normally  handle as Inland  Freight:

    – Heavy Equipment and Machinery

    – Agricultural Equipment

    – Construction Equipment and Machinery

    – Tractors

    -Road-making Machinery


    -Marine Engines

    -Building and Fabrication Materials Medical & PharmaceuticalEquipment Office Equipment

    -Food ProcessingEquipment Health and Beauty Aids (HBA) Hotel and Restaurant Equipment Electrical Materials

    -Machinery & Spare Parts