Air Freight

With our extensive air cargo coverage, Probity provides worldwide airfreight service to most major cities in the Vietnam and abroad. Air freight shipments normally move on the next available flight to the specific destination. For you time-sensitive consignments, shipments are promptly booked upon customer’s request.

Probity Corp provides total air cargo support, including state-of-the-art e Tracking System and computerized booking & scheduling services. Customers can track their shipments online and obtain real-time information  regarding their freight,  anywhere in the world … anytime. Complete peace of mind for customers when they know the status of their air freight shipment.

Since we have contracts with most major air carriers, Probity Corp is able to secure the capacity you need….where you need it and when you need it. We have no weight or size limitations, as long as the freight can fit on the aircraft.

Our global air cargo network can be combined with our road feeder service connections, in order to offer our customers with Door-to-Door service anywhere in the world.